Show Off Your Office in the Best Light

We complete lighting installations at South Amboy, NJ businesses

Every business owner wants their company to shine. Quality lighting is essential for creating that positive first impression. If your office lighting needs an upgrade, turn to Strouse Electric Co., Inc. first to install LED lighting at your place of business.

Contact us for commercial electrical services today if:

  • You want to increase productivity. Poor lighting can cause headaches, light sensitivity and other health issues, making concentration difficult.
  • You want to impress your clients. A well-lit office reflects positively on your entire company.
  • You want to keep your employees happy. Updating your parking lot lighting, for instance, can make employees feel safer.
We complete lighting installations for business owners throughout the South Amboy, NJ area. Call 732-727-6161 today to speak with an electrician at Strouse Electric Co.

We offer comprehensive commercial electrical services

We offer comprehensive commercial electrical services

In addition to lighting installations, we complete wiring upgrades, emergency generator installations, phone system wiring, parking lot lighting repairs and other electrical work at office parks, shopping centers and other commercial buildings. We can also install MRI machines at doctors offices in the South Amboy, NJ area.

No matter what kind of commercial electrical services you require, you can count on Strouse Electric Co. to do the job right. Call us at 732-727-6161 today.